Barbara Bunting deserves your vote in the Republican Primary on August 5. (Actually you can vote at the courthouse starting July 22. Vote early, get it out of the way!) If you looked in the dictionary for a definition of “community service,” it would not surprise us to see Barb’s name listed as part of the definition. She has been a tireless community servant for decades. Her dedication and energy has been amazing. Her day truly must contain more than 24 hours. Our community is better due to her service. Barb now wants to offer her service on our behalf in Topeka. We should take her up on the offer. She will spend the time it takes to stay informed on the issues and she will communicate with those she represents  back home. She has listened to hundreds of residents in our community and the common thread from almost everyone is “Nobody ever asked my opinion before.” Why is this? Her ability to engage the community is exactly what we need ... someone who listens and represents. Not someone who takes positions contrary to the interests of the district in the backrooms of Topeka and then tries to justify votes back home. Reasonable, common sense representation. What a novel idea. Please give her your support. She has earned it.

— John and Karen Robb, Newton