This primary season the choice is between Rhoades, a true conservative, and the democrat’s choice for State representative. Marc has always represented us with a conservative heart and approach. While on the school board, his opponent has continued to vote for tax increases and voted several times to sue Kansas taxpayers. Rhoades opponent will have an R on the ballot, but she has worked against conservative principals.

Progressive, moderate and “listening” have been buzz words used a lot by Marc's opponent, but it is important to understand what these words really mean.

Progressive means large government programs designed to "take care of us, because we can't do it ourselves.”

Moderate does not mean middle ground; it means fence straddling to fool the voters. Moderates never let you know exactly where they stand. Why straddle the fence? Candidates should plant both feet on one side and stand for what they believe! Representative Rhoades tells us every campaign cycle what he believes and how he will vote, and then he does it!

“Listening” means letting everyone think you agree with them, so you can continue to say you are moderate, while voting with progressives. “Listening” means checking which way the political winds are blowing and greasing the squeakiest wheel. What we need is a courageous representative and that is what we have in Marc.

Your primary choice is to vote for the democrat’s choice, who has and will support the democrat’s agenda, or to vote for a proven conservative: Marc Rhoades.

— Will Tate, Newton