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  • We endorse Barbara Bunting as our choice for 72nd District Kansas State Representative as we approach this critical primary election. A new direction in leadership is needed in all areas of our state government. We are confident that Barbara can assist in creating that new direction. Barbara models the following:
    · Continuous learning –always striving to learn more about issues that impact Kansans.
    · Active listening –listens to constituents in whatever role she undertakes and utilizes information to represent their position on issues; solicits their opinions.
    · Consensus building –works for the greater good by bridging the gap between differences, modeling collaboration with others.
    · Consistency –takes positions that are consistent with her beliefs and values.
    · Tenacity – perseveres; does not falter; sticks with issues until they are resolved.
    · Visionary – believes that education is the key to a brighter future for our state and will work diligently to create a better Kansas for all.
    · Civility – treats others with respect and courtesy, even those with whom she disagrees.
    We need a leader with the above qualities and we urge you to vote for Barbara Bunting in the primary election on August 5, 2014.
    — Dr. John and Pat Morton, North Newton.
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