I was pleased to learn Kansans for Life endorsed Marc Rhoades. Their endorsement listed on Rep. Marc Rhoades Facebook says, "We're very happy with his efforts to defend the defenseless. We're delighted with all the things he's done to further pro-life issues." Sometimes KFL will endorse both candidates in a race, but they have only endorsed Marc in the primary. If you want to know why, you should contact them.

Marc graduated from Newton High. He has master's degrees and an executive MBA, he taught business at Tabor College and has been a Commissioner for the Midwest Higher Education Compact for years. He certainly cares about kids and education, but he wants money tied to actual outcomes for students, something every voter should be in favor of, but the KNEA and teachers unions resist this, which is why they support his opponent. I served in the legislature for the district six terms, and was similarly targeted by the KNEA, so I know how this works.

Marc Rhoades has served Kansans and the 72nd district for eight years. This represents a wealth of knowledge that clearly makes him more capable of making the tough decisions and votes. Marc has the courage, honesty and fortitude to let you know where he stands, and I appreciate that, as do so many of his colleagues in the legislature. I believe it is important for you to have this information.

— Garry Boston, Newton