Kansans should know that the economic policies of Gov. Brownback are so flawed that it prompted an editorial in the New York Times by the Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman. I would encourage everyone to read the article in the June 30 edition.

Krugman points out that the “Kansas debacle” shows that tax cuts don’t have the job-creating results promised by supporters. Worse, Brownback’s efforts are made on behalf of the wealthy.

Gov. Brownback’s policies closely follow a blueprint laid out by the

American Legislative Exchange Council(ALEC), a secretive group whose agenda serves corporations and the extremely wealthy. While ALEC advocates tax cuts for the wealthy, it calls for increases in the sales tax which ends up burdening lower income households. At the same time, they work for cuts in social programs.

One of the most tragic outcomes of these policies is the underfunding of Kansas schools.

Paul Davis understands the failure of Gov. Brownback’s tax-cutting policies for the wealthy while lower income households and school programs suffer.

He deserves a chance to be our next governor, and Kansans deserve Paul Davis.

— Valetta Seymour, Moundridge