I am voting for new leadership and a clear consensus building voice at the State House in Barbara Bunting, and I am asking you to do the same.  As a career teacher in Newton, I have had the opportunity to work with and observe Barbara Bunting during her long tenure as a USD 373 member of the school board.

Barbara Bunting has proven herself to be an advocate for our community in so many ways and for so many issues. From being a member of the Harvey County Inter-related Child Care Committee to the 9th Judicial District Community Corrections Advisory Board, or from the USD 373 Board of Education to the Newton Area Chamber of Commerce, Bunting has demonstrated the ability to work with a variety of issues and diverse opinions, reaching across the aisle to seek out understanding and look for solutions.  Bunting has principles and issues that she stands for, the most important being the good use of public funds and the strengthening of collective decision-making.

This year's election is as important, no more or less, than other years. What is important though is that we elect persons who are great listeners, effective in decision-making and willing to take stands on issues with conviction and balance. For this I select Barbara Bunting.

— Nathan Dick, Newton