When we arrived in Kansas in 1976, we found a land of moderation. It wasn't showy like other places, but a balance between urban and rural. There was Kansas City, embracing Kansas and Missouri, and Wichita, as well as the Flint Hills and the High Plains of western Kansas.

There were also Republicans and Democrats, and while they certainly didn't agree on everything, they attempted to work together for the common good. Today, Kansas is almost unrecognizable to us. We are grieving. We are frustrated.

And, locally, our elected representative puts ideology above people's needs. Students, teachers, the poor, the underserved, appear to be merely inconvenient roadblocks in the way of some mysterious plan by a disingenuous Wizard of Oz.

In House district No. 72, we have a clear choice. Barbara Bunting is a moderate, inclusive voice, who listens and searches for opportunities to serve all people. She is not beholden to any outside organization or ideology other than liberty and justice for all. We urge you to join us in voting for Barbara Bunting in the August 5 primary.

— Ms. Donna June and Larry D. Friesen