Motivation is a key concept in life. With motivation, there is an increased energy level in getting things done. In school and in society, motivated people are needed to achieve vital goals. When individuals accept these goals as having much value, there is a stronger driving force to make progress. In the school setting, teachers strive to develop motivated learners who have an inward desire to accomplish and attain. The school environment and setting needs to be such, that an individual puts forth much effort in learning. Selected pupils may achieve at a more rapid rate than others; however, all must learn as much as possible be it in knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes. For secondary students, the possibilities of dual enrollment should be definite possibility for those who can benefit from college/university courses while still doing quality work on the secondary level. The motivation comes from perceiving goal achievement on a higher education level course while doing well in the high school curriculum. The energy level is there to succeed at both. Dual enrollment presents possibilities of moving forward toward a job, occupation, or profession as readiness permits. Encouragement and guidance from a variety of sources might well assist students to attain, achieve, and progress in this area. Careful planning is a necessity!

— Marlow Ediger, North Newton