It is an honor and privilege to write a short note asking my fellow residents of the 72nd representative district to vote for Barbara Bunting in the upcoming primary election this August. We need her in Topeka representing us because: * she will protect and defend all that we hold dear to our hearts. * she will protect our family, friends from laws we do not need. * she cares deeply about issues – justice - right from wrong. *she has had experiences in the public arena and knows how to deal with it. * she follows through on tasks and jobs until they are completed.* *she will give us 110 percent effort performing her duties as our representative. * she is a trustworthy Newtonian who has value and strength when dealing with challenging circumstances. * she has the character, drive, zeal, to be an outstanding representative for us in Topeka. Please vote for Barbara bunting this coming August in the Republican primary election. David A. Nygaard, Newton