I just returned the galley proofs for my to be published manuscript titled "The Changing Role of the School Principal," in the College Student Journal. I reflected upon my retirement as Professor of education at Truman State University in 1992, after starting there in 1962. In the 1962-63 school year, Typing classes were still taught with traditional typewriters. I wrote all my manuscripts in longhand and had Division of Education secretaries type them. Not having ever taken a typing class, and signing up for retirement in 1989, as required, which gave the University three years to find a replacement, I realized if I wanted to keep on writing, learning to type would be a necessity, since the costs would be high in hiring a typist. In these three years, I learned proper typing skills, not hunt and peck. Since that time, all ideas are typed directly into the word

processor. Making errors can be quickly taken care of. When hiring a professional typist in 1963 to type my final copy of my Doctoral Dissertation, I paid $800 for doing so! I thought it would never be possible to type an acceptable dissertation; now it would be entirely possible. The many problems involved with traditional typewriters has been taken care of with the use of word processors, including typing of Tables, Charts, Figures, among other devices to clarify subject matter in a Doctoral Dissertation. Inventions change, and change rapidly, in time and place.

— Marlow Ediger, North Newton