Rep. Marc Rhoades is not one to push for attention, but instead directs his energy to doing things for people. I believe many of his supporters like me appreciate the man of faith he is, hard at work for us in Topeka. Great people never get full thanks, that is why I need to tell my story. Our son Drew suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has been on a SED waiver since he was little but a while back we ran into many problems and we didn’t know where to turn. We contacted Rep. Rhoades and he listened, said he would look into it and get back to us. True to his word he followed up and got us in touch with the right department in Topeka and even personally checked on us! Everything was corrected and services continued. Drew just graduated from Newton High School, is now a registered voter with a bright future and a life ahead of him as a contributing tax payer. Marc puts his job into action everyday achieving results and has a long list of actual accomplishments. It is difficult for me to not share specifics his opponent has done on the school board that were hurtful and just wrong pertaining to our sons needs, but instead I will just say that we not only support Rep. Rhoades for his work in Topeka but for the person he is. I hope more people will speak up and not be intimidated.

— Teri Rod and Drew Mather, Newton.