I  support Barbara Bunting, a candidate for the State House of Representatives. Recent legislative outcomes have impacted many areas of our lives, including the arts, education, and services to persons with disabilities. Barbara has the knowledge and background to make informed decisions in these and other issues we will face in the future.

I have known Barbara for over twenty five years, witnessing her hard work and dedication in the community. In addition to the school board, Barbara has served on boards at Northview Developmental Services, Newton Mid-Kansas Symphony Orchestra, and Kidron Bethel. Her nomination as a Woman of the Year in 2013 reflects the respect her work has earned.

Barbara has been an active participant in Topeka for as long as I can remember. Frequent visits to the capitol indicate her genuine interest and concern for the legislative process. Barbara has championed the rights of the developmentally disabled, providing a voice for many who could not speak for themselves. She is an advocate for the arts in our community. Her terms on the Newton board and the Kansas Association of School Boards exhibit her dedication to education, our children, and grandchildren.

Barbara’s leading quality is her willingness to listen and learn. She strives to do what is best for the people, not just a select few. Her tenacity and commitment give her the ability to get things done. Combined with her knowledge and varied experience, Barbara Bunting is the clear choice for our community and state moving forward.

Jill Gatz, Newton