Elections are important to us all and to ignore participation is an obvious dereliction of our duty for ourselves and all concerned others.

This upcoming 2014 election is very important to us all and we should not ignore our duties to vote thus protecting all our rights which as of now are being trampled on for the sake of a select few and at the expense of us all. We have to restore the Government to the people ,for the people and by the people and only we the people can accomplish this end.

Barbara Bunting is a person for the people, by the people and of the people. She is the only one who can faithfully carry out the duties of the office she seeks to assume this election. We the voters can't assume anything and must register to vote, switch our voter affiliation and on election day turn out to vote for Barbara Bunting, State Representative 72nd District.

I, as a registered voter of this great Country, plan to exercise my right and vote for a lady of family values, caring, character, and considers People over Politics . She has demonstrated these characteristics in past elected positions that she has represented us in and will do so again and listen to those she will serve as our State Representative..

Now it is time for you to join me in this upcoming election and vote for Barbara Bunting, our next State Representative 72nd District.

Bruce L. Cook, 72nd District Resident.