No matter where your allegiances lie in the race of House Distrct 72, consider yourself blessed. Come Aug. 5 there is a choice to make.

Yes, that choice is between two members of the same party — and if you are not currently registered in that party you must reregister within it to vote or allow the party to make that decision without your voice.

But there is an election.

There are 35 House candidates who don’t have a major party opponent. They’re virtually already elected as they are unchallenged in either the primary or general election by a major party candidate. Barring a successful challenge from an independent or a write-in candidate, they are already headed to Topeka. The elections are a mere formality.

In those areas, no one bothered to file and give voters any kind of a choice.

Neither party is immune to this. In the Manhattan area neither 66th District Rep. Sydney Carlin, a Democrat, nor 67th District Rep. Tom Phillips, a Republican, has an opponent in either the primary or general election.

Here, we have a choice.

Both our options — the incumbent Marc Rhoades and his challenger Barbara Bunting — will be on full display at 7 p.m. June 17 in  McKinley Adminstrative Center during the  Republican Primary Candidate Forum.

In addition,  U.S. Congress District No. 4 Rep. Mike Pompeo and former Rep. Todd Tiahrt are expected to be on hand, as are Sen. Pat Roberts and challenger Dr. Milton Wolf.

It would be good if the house were packed, and each candidate was able to answer questions for voters who are trying to become informed about their options.

At this time there is no challenger awaiting in the general election for the winner of the District 72 primary. Harvey County is not alone. By the end Aug. 5, 50 of the House’s 125 seats will likely be filled. That makes Aug. 5 an important election. No matter who you want to see in the seat, inform yourself June 17 and follow up by going to the polls Aug. 5.

— Kansan Editorial Board