Pouring rain and a leaky shed, but the scouts and their leaders and parents and several other volunteers were there in full force! That is - at Greenwood Cemetery on the Saturday of Memorial weekend. As we all know, we needed the rain - but what a miserable morning to put out small American flags to honor our Veterans. But I heard no complaints from those who were helping.

Teresa Sauerwein and other volunteers placed small flags in the holders at St. Mary's Cemetery on Thursday evening. Todd Wedel and volunteers placed flags at Restlawn Cemetery. They also helped at Greenwood, along with many other scouts, leaders, parents, and people who just stopped by to help. We owe all of these people a huge thank you.

Thanks also to Petersons and Broadway Colonial for providing us with a list of veterans who have passed since last year. Thanks to Ms. Henderson at North Dillons for providing pop and donuts for the volunteers. Again, thanks to James Davis for building the nice shelves in the shed - our flags would certainly have been wet if not for the little roof above the shelves. And thanks to the American Legion for the new doors on the shed.

The American Legion Auxiliary makes all of the poppy decorations that are at the grave sites - so a big thanks to them also.

And our great crew at Greenwood who keeps it looking good, helps me find where veterans are buried, and who then pick up and pack away all of those little flags every year.

With the weather conditions being much less than desirable this year, we realize that there were some flag holders that were missed. Our sincere apologies to the families of those veterans who were missing flags. We know that several went into the office at Greenwood and picked up flags - thank you for being understanding!! I think the scouts, and all volunteers, did a tremendous job in pouring rain!

We feel so fortunate that we are able to be a part of this project each year - and feel so blessed to live in a community that values honoring the veterans in this way. You live in a community rich in volunteerism!!

With sincere gratitude,

— Chuck and Sue Engel, Kathleen Robertson