I am writing to express my disappointment over the actions of the personnel at Greenwood Cemetery.

It's my understanding that what happened this year after Memorial Day normally never occurs. I've been told that the bereaved have advance warning in order to retrieve decorations and mementos. What happened this year was devastating to many. Not only were people robbed of picking up decorations but the treatment of said decorations was deplorable.

I am sure not many are complaining of the cost, but besides the monetary value there is sentimental value and money can not replace that.

The piles of decorations and the broken remembrances were disgraceful. The cemetery's actions demonstrated lack of concern for others emotions. Many adults hearts were broken — but what about the children's? How is this supposed to be explained away? It can't. The hurt will still linger.

Greenwood Cemetery owes a huge apology. I don't believe that a mowing supersedes people's feelings.

I am told speaking with the city manager or assistant manager is impossible. I imagine it's just a matter of passing the buck.

Shame on all of you who played a part in this. It may not be important to you, but it matters to many others.

The city insists we abide by rules — the city needs to do the same.

— Janelle Tillman, Newton