I recently moved from Wichita to Newton. All of my first-class mail was forwarded, including my Sedgwick County voter "Certificate of Registration." The certificate stated: "A change in your name or address (physical or mailing) requires re-registration."

I dutifully returned the registration card to the Sedgwick County Election Commission office, advising them of my new Harvey County address.

A few days later, I took a completed voter registration application to the Harvey County Courthouse. I was told that the Sedgwick County Election staff cancelled my existing registration when they received my address change. I am no longer a certified Kansas voter, since there was no active registration to transfer to Harvey County. Due to a "glitch" in the new Kansas voting law, I am required to start all over again — after voting in every election since 1965 — by providing my birth certificate.

This is one life-long Republican who is now an "undocumented liberal" in the State of Kansas!

Barrick Wilson,  Newton