With much standardized testing such as No Child Left Behind, as well as oncoming Common Core State Standards, there are a plethora of scores available for filing. These become permanent and need security. The files are open to designated and responsible people who will utilize them to improve instruction for individual pupils. However, the test scores might also fall into the hands of those who benefit from their misuse. In tracking learner progress, progress or a lack thereof may be shown. Pupils might be capable of achieving at a higher level later on, after the public school years have been completed. It seems as if almost everyone thought a student would not do well in life as revealed in the public school, only to do well, later, in a profession, vocation or job at the work place. When tracking pupil progress over the years, disciplinary statements may follow the involved pupil, later on, which hinder in securing a employment.

Test scores do show, at a given time, what pupils have achieved; however, they are written by human beings, specializing in selected subject matter. They might then be used as indicators of how well pupils are doing academically. By keeping record of achievement and tracking progress, teachers may notice

* if there is sequential achievement, and if not attempt to nail down what needs more emphasis in teaching and learning

* if remedial work or reteaching of selected concepts and generalizations is necessary.

Above all, security of information in tracking pupil progress is poignant.

— Marlow Ediger, North Newton