If Christ had not come the first time and won a decisive victory over Satan (I John 5: 4,5) then we would have no reason to believe that He will come again to end Satan's dominion of this world and restore it to its original perfection where there is no more sin or death. Praise God!

To enable believers to distinguish between the genuine event, several Biblical passages reveal details of the "manner" in which Christ will return because the Bible says that false christs and prophets, will arise and show great signs and wonders to deceive people regarding the second coming of Christ (Matthew 23-31). Consider these points:

1) Literal and Personal return- Read Acts 1:9-11. After the resurrection this same Jesus returned to heaven in bodily form and will return the same way.

2) A visible return- Read Acts 1: 9-11 and Matthew 24:27. Christ's coming will not be an inward, invisible or secret rapture experience. Every eye will see Him come again. Revelation 1:7

3) An audible return- Read I Thessalonians 4: 16-18. There will be a "shout" and "the trumpet of God will sound when this glorious event happens.

The good news is that Jesus is coming again and He tells us exactly how it is to happen. We do not know the "day or hour" of this grand event but it will happen. Matthew 24:36

What about all the "signs in the earth" that will precede this glorious event. How about all those believers that are living and all the believers in the graves. What happens? The word of God does not leave us in the dark about this most glorious event that is soon to happen. Its closer than you think. Are you ready?

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— Jerry Nowack