Dr. Susan Lovelle is used to getting calls from patients asking about her services at Lovelle Plastic Surgery at Newton Medical Center. However, she recently received a call from an unexpected source — representatives from the nationally syndicated TV show “The Doctors” wanted to know if she would be willing to perform a procedure on a patient being featured on their show.

Wichita resident Jon Calvo become a nationally recognized YouTube sensation, and for the past three years, he has been using videos to document his 175 pound weight loss and fitness journey. Calvo’s story was featured on “The Doctors," and the reveal show aired earlier this month. Dr. Lovelle also traveled to the show's Los Angeles set to talk about the operation.

“I was very happy to be part of Jon’s transformation,” Dr. Lovelle said. “Not only was he in amazing physical condition before the surgery, it was clear someone with the dedication and determination to lose the weight by diet and exercise alone would continue to keep it off afterwards.”

Calvo's transformation video, titled “The Man Who Never Gave Up,” has more 10 million views. After meeting with Calvo and evaluating his condition, Lovelle performed body contouring surgery to remove the excess skin left after the weight loss.

"He was a perfect candidate," Lovelle said.

Lovelle said while this type of procedure is becoming more common, not every plastic surgeon offers it. She is one of the few specialists in this area that provide this service.

She thanked Newton Medical Center for supporting her practice.

"It's wonderful," she said. "I love the operating, and the patients here are great."

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