I 'm responding to the May 3 letter re: dog park project.

In the last three years had been enjoying the gifts of Nature in the small field with mown trail just and adjecent to the Blue Sky Sculpture. I had named the -trail, "Blue Sky Nature Trail."

I've taken many photos of plants, flowers, grasses, insects and birds through each season from thatarea alone. It was rich and thriving with constant activity and life and regrowth; things I had never seen before. I felt grateful that this area was left wild. For me it became a haven of learning more about Nature.

What has happened!? First it appears there was a controlled burn performed on this trail/field. Now, it is all mown down to the ground. I was so much looking forward to watching all these plants and insects I had studied last year to come back again this year!

I'm saddened and upset. Why can't we leave nature alone?

Do we have to citify every inch of this town? Nature was here first. We are to be caretakers of nature, this God's Earth.

I am hoping it is not the area in consideration for the proposed dog park. Although it may be too late for me to ever enjoy this special area again.

I am all in favor for a dog park in Newton, and I am well aware of the need for one.

I will miss my heavenly walks on my "Blue Sky Nature Trail." I regret that I did not come forth sooner to share with the city all the wonderful discoveries I had made in this field/trail. It was so nice to have this trail nearby whereas I did not need to drive my car to it. I am on a gas budget, so it's harder for me to have the gas to drive put of town to other trails. Yet I need my nature time for my physical, mental and spiritual-health.

City of Newton, I'm very disappointed in you.

— Adriana Journey, Newton