I am writing this letter in support of Barbara Zajac Bunting, candidate for State Representative, District 72. She is the listener, thinker, and problem-solver who will work to move the Kansas legislature forward to address the vital concerns of the majority of Kansans.

Today, we desperately need representatives who will listen thoughtfully to concerned citizens, will actually hear and care about the issues, and will consider all factors before making important decisions. Barbara Bunting is that person. She is highly qualified via her education and experience. One need only look at her record of public service, including years of active service on church committees, in community organizations, and on the USD 373 Board of Education.

Barbara knows and understands the vital issues in education from both families' and educators' perspectives. She is a consensus builder and a tireless worker for her church, the arts, the developmentally disabled, the Harvey County Drug-Free Youth Coalition, and the Newton Chamber of Commerce.

Barbara is a loyal friend to many, yet will not let friendships alter her pursuit of the right course of action where decision-making is concerned. Listen to what she has to say on the issues. Decide if her calm, reasoned approach is what you want in your state representative.

Barbara Bunting is an exceedingly strong candidate who deserves to take her knowledge and experience to Topeka. We need her!

Gini Coleman Johnson