State Senator Carolyn McGinn (R-Sedgwick), announced today she will run for the Sedgwick County Commission in District No. 4.

"I’m running for Sedgwick County Commission in District No. 4 because my passion for public service has always focused on my local community." McGinn said. "I believe that together, as neighbors bound by a common spirit, we can harness Sedgwick County’s can-do optimism and get our community back on track."

Should she win the commission seat, she would resign her position as state senator.

"I have elections to win before we would have that discussion," McGinn to the Kansan. "As soon as I would take an oath of office as commissioner I would resign the senate. … I do not have to resign any senate seat until sworn in as commissioner."

McGinn is senator for the 31st district, which includes Newton and Harvey County. She has held the seat since 2005.

She served as Sedgwick County Commissioner for the fourth district from 1999 until her election to state senate.

"It’s time for me to work on the ground again in Sedgwick County, hand-in-hand with my neighbors," McGinn said. "It’s time that I utilize the knowledge and experience I’ve gained during my years of public service to help Sedgwick County get back on the right track."

McGinn said the county must act aggressively to compete with other states and countries – to boost our job prospects and retain the jobs we have. That means a greater local investment in workforce training, education and public/private partnerships like NIAR and NCAT that enhance avenues for success.

"Now more than ever, we need an advocate for transparency in budgeting and long-term strategies to reduce the federal tax burden pushed down on local governments," McGinn said. "And equally as important, when we, as taxpayers, write our checks to the federal government, we need to ensure that those dollars come back to Sedgwick County. We cannot afford to have our tax dollars diverted to fund federal programs in other states."

McGinn lives with her husband, Mark, on a family farm outside of the town of Sedgwick and has two grown sons.