The Harvey County Homeless Shelter will move to a different facility, leaving the building where the organization was founded.

In a letter to financial supporters Friday James Wilson, director of the shelter, announced the homeless shelter will move to Monroe Cottage on the Youthville-Newton Campus at 900 W. Broadway.

"This move is a step in our ministries maturation process," Wilson wrote in the letter. "We feel as this is an opportunity for this ministry to grow and truly find our purpose in the Kingdom of God. This move will also help us sustain the ministry for the future. It is in that future that we are still holding onto the vision of a new shelter at 300 S. Pine and feel this is still the direction that God is ultimately leading us."

The shelter opened in 2005, in the old Axtell Hospital Building, 209 E. Broadway. The founding organization, New Jerusalem Mission, later gave operations of the shelter to an independent board. At that time the shelter and New

Jerusalem Mission entered into an agreement which allowed the shelter to operate rent fee, however, the shelter was asked to pay utilities for the entire building.

According to a newsletter sent this month, in the past four months the shelter has experienced $8,740.65 of overages in the electric bill as compared to 2013, creating a financial shortfall of $6,160.38. There are ongoing negotiations between New Jerusalem and the shelter on how to best handle those overages.

"As a ministry, board and staff we have been praying that God would open a door for us to move past this financial instability and into sound financial stewardship," Wilson wrote. "… We thank New Jerusalem Missions and Penny Dugan for their vision in founding the Harvey County Homeless Shelter and pray for their continued success in the ministry that God has before them."

The move to a new facility is scheduled for May 24 through May 26.

Youthville shuttered most of the Newton campus in 2011.