Our state has suffered greatly under the Brownback experiment. He refused needed aid from the federal government for Medicaid. Now he's commandeering Medicare. He reduced income tax to the benefit of the wealthy and the detriment of the state coffers, money needed to support our infrastructure, our public servants, etc. Substitute moneys will have to come from somewhere, but not from the rich. He has eviscerated teachers and the public education system while channeling support to the private schools. With financial help from powerful national cronies most of the state's moderate Republicans were eliminated in the last election, thanks to the gullibility of our voters. In return for all of this Brownback promised a resurrection of jobs and prosperity here in Kansas, a promise woefully unfulfilled. Much damage has been done. Public, you get another chance in November. This time ignore the hyped media rhetoric. Use your common sense!

— Beth Vannatta, Halstead.