Barbara Bunting and I met during a grant-writing seminar at WSU’s Hughes Metropolitan Center. Barbara then served as the community liaison for fundraising and marketing for the former Northview Developmental Services, Inc. My duties at Wichita’s Ronald McDonald House in the mid-1990s included creating grant applications, a process that I sill abhor to this day. Barbara, on the other hand, possessed the organizational skills and discipline to be successful in this endeavor.

From 2004 to 2011, as marketing and community relations manager for Newton Medical Center, I was involved in several of the same community organizations as Barbara. I was impressed with her proven leadership skills, especially those required to create consensus.

I recently relocated to Newton from Wichita, where I was represented quite well in the Kansas Senate 25th District by moderate Jean Schodorf. I know that Barbara shares Jean’s ability to listen to constituents and represent their best interests, regardless of the “idiot-ology” now so prevalent in Topeka. I soon will be eligible to vote in Harvey County (if I can still find my birth certificate from 1944!) My support goes to Barbara Bunting for 72nd Kansas District Representatives.

— Barrick Wilson, Newton