I would like to recognize the Newton Wendy's restaurant and manager Candi Kovak for the support the provide to the Newton community.

Their service and support of several Newton community groups is much more than on an occasion or two; it is on-going, year after year! I have witnessed Wendy's manager Candi Kovak showing community support to the following programs: Newton Public Schools, NHS boys soccer, Circles of Hope and the Harvey County Homeless Shelter. I'm guessing there are other organizations that have also received support.

For the past two soccer seasons, Kovak helped our NHS boys' soccer team with away-game meals by providing hamburger bungs, bottled water, condiments and paper goods.  We also received supplies for our Senior Night Dinner and Awards Banquet, During the past two years I have come across other organizations that have benefited from Wendy's generosity, such as Wendy's providing salad once a month for the Circles of Home meals (which feeds around 70 volunteers and clients) and by providing a variety of food items for Homeless Shelter meals. Wendy's has been supportive of many fund raising nights for youth trips and activities.

Newton is lucky to have the generous community support of the Wendy's corporation and Wendy's manager, Candi Kovak.

— Cathy Woodward, Newton.