On May 1 we will have an opportunity to support Paul Davis and Jill Docking, two exciting candidates for Kansas Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Many Kansans have serious concerns regarding the kind of leadership coming from the office of the current governor. The tax system he has promoted will result in a significant deficit in the near future, and there is not a clear plan to correct this trend. Although the Supreme Court's first ruling on education funding has been addressed, and some funds to public schools have been restored, some school districts in our area will experience a net loss because of the way in which monies were shifted within the total state funding. This school funding bill also includes policy changes which are questionable at best, and probably harmful, to public education.

Our current governor's insistence on not expanding Medicaid is keeping over 100,000 Kansans from being covered by this insurance. These people are in a precarious situation that could easily be solved; hospitals, clinics, safety net clinics, and other providers could be receiving better reimbursement; health care outcomes could be better for many people; this would help to keep health care costs lower for all of us. But, these things are not happening because our governor says no to Medicaid expansion. A proposal to put all federal health care money under the control of the state legislature is still being considered.

According to recent census figures people are moving out of our state instead of moving in. The influx of businesses relocating to Kansas and paying living wages that was promised by our governor has not happened.

Kansans have every right to be skeptical and dissatisfied with the current state administration.

Paul Davis and Jill Docking, both long time public servants, want to put Kansas back on the right track. They are knowledgeable, hard working candidates who want to restore Kansas by serving the people of our state.

At 6 p.m.  May 1, Jill Docking will attend and speak at a fund raiser for their campaign. The event will be held at Karen's Kitchen, Broadway and Main. We encourage everyone to come and meet Jill Docking. We can guarantee you will enjoy hearing what she has to say about the plans she and Paul Davis have for a new administration for our state.

—Ken Walsh, Harvey County Democrats Chair;  Arnita Haury, Vice Chair