By Chad Frey

Newton Kansan

For more than a year Tom Williams, CEO of Asbury Park, has officed in the basement of what remains of the assisted living wing of the retirement community — waiting for new construction to be complete which includes new administrative offices.

The wait is nearly complete.

"This is worth it," Williams said.

Asbury Park broke ground on a new assisted living building and a pair of new "Green Houses" in Nov. of 2012. Final fire inspections on the main building at 200 S.W. 14th were scheduled for today. The Kansas Department of Aging and Disablity Services is scheduled to inspect the building this week as well.

"This is a major week for inspections," Williams sad.

Williams said if all goes well, moving into the new assisted living building will start April 15. The first of two Green Houses are scheduled to open May 5.

Asbury Park’s construction project included replacement of its existing assisted living building with a new 36,466 square-foot Assisted Living Center, construction of two additional Green House Homes for individuals requiring 24-hour skilled nursing services, and remodeling the first floor of Asbury Park’s Health Care Center to include a 12-bed Post-Acute Care Unit.

The project cost more than $9 million.

Within the walls of the new facility will be a bistro serving lunch, gift shop and beauty parlor all open to the public. There will be a wellness center for residents and employees.

"This will bring us up to date and meet needs," Williams said.

The Green House home is a residential home for a group of 10 elders. The first of two new Green Houses to open this year will house eight people, as two bedrooms were removed to make way for a small gymnasium. The house will be geared to those who need physical therapy following a hospital stay. The other Green House will resemble facilities already on the Asbury Park campus.

Williams said the design of the new assisted living area will allow Asbury to expand services. Those who they have referred to other facilities in the past will now be able to live at Asbury Park.

This spring Asbury Park will tear down what remains of the old assisted living center and construct a new entrance to the campus off of 12th Street.