By Chad Frey Newton Kansan

Movoto, a real estate company which called Newton one of the top suburbs in the nation last year, is at it again. And once again, the company gave Newton high marks — this time as a community to retire in.

The company ranked Newton second in the state of Kansas on its list of "Best Places to Retire in Kansas."

"Clearly people from outside our community see what a gem we have," said Pam Stevens, director of the Newton Area Chamber of Commerce.

The company ranked cities in Kansas with populations of more than 10,000 — creating a list of 36 communities statewide.

The criteria for the ranking included: Cost of living; crime rate; weather (average summer temperature and air quality); ease of travel (distance to nearest international airport); and retiree amenities per capita (healthcare, adult education, dining, shopping, libraries, arts and entertainment).

"We are so lucky," Stevens said. "We are a safe community and we have great amenities."

With a perfect score in each category being 1, Newton ranked highest in retiree amenities (4) and cost of living (5). Newton cracked the top 10 for weather at eight. The lowest score received was for travel with a score of 28. Newton's overall score was an 11.2.

"This Harvey County city, just north of Wichita, is a Kansas retiree’s dream. Not only are there tons of amenities—places like Reba’s Restaurant, the Newton Public Library, Homespun Crafts, and the Harvey County Historical Society—the weather is also among some of the nicest in the state, with an average summer temperature of 75 degrees and an air quality score of 30 (the lower, the better)," wrote Natalie Grigson of Motovoto on the company website.

According to Movoto, Newton also ranked well for its low crime rate, at 2,680 crimes per 100,000 people, and for cost of living; a score of 80, where the national average is 100.

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