Kugler Company, the Great Plains states’ premier manufacturer of liquid fertilizer for agricultural and turf applications, announced the addition of Ark Valley K-Lawn of Newton to its K-Lawn lawn care group.

"We are really excited to bring K-Lawn to the Harvey County area. The training I’ve received has been very beneficial in getting us off the ground and the 4-Step Total Program has worked great in other parts of Kansas," said Pete Anderson of Ark Valley K-Lawn.

"We think it is going to be very successful and produce great-looking yards," added Angie.

The K-Lawn 4-Step Total Program is a comprehensive program designed to provide all of your lawn’s nutritional, weed and insect control needs. Your yard maintenance is reduced to just mowing and watering.

If you are in Ark Valley K-Lawn’s service area and would like a free estimate, call Pete and Angie at 772-8487.

Kugler Company has been manufacturing fertilizer for over 80 years. With manufacturing plants located in Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado, Kugler Company products are now used in more than 10 states. From agricultural fertilizer to lawn care, Kugler Company provides a wide variety of goods and services to its customers.

The K-Lawn division of Kugler Company is a group of 60 dealers located in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Iowa and Wyoming. For 25 years, K-Lawn dealers have provided customers premium products and service. The use of quality nutrients, along with ongoing technical training and professional assistance, have made K-Lawn a success.