It seems unusual for the state of Kansas, in necessity, to search different budgets in order to locate $139 million to equalize funding the public schools as required by the Kansas Supreme Court. Governor Brownback has stated that to locate the needed funds, plans for full day kindergarten funding may be dropped in the state. This is sad. Instead of dropping full day kindergarten funding, Kansas should move forward with pre-kindergarten public schools. Many states already have pre-kindergarten public schools, as is the case in Florida.

More is expected in pupil achievement than ever before. To establish readiness for kindergarten and beyond, a high quality pre-kindergarten program needs to be available. This will assist in minimizing/eliminating gaps in pupil progress. Thus, pupils will have a better opportunity to have an even start or beginning in the public schools. Very capable, understanding, and competent teachers need to teach these young children. The learning activities should capture learner interest, be meaningful and make sense to the child. Now is the time to move forward in meeting the educational needs of children!

Each pupil is important and provisions must be made to develop individuals succeed with optimal achievement. Investments must be made here for the future citizen. Academic areas need to make their contributions to foster independence and self reliance. No pupil need to nor should fall through the cracks. Readiness for career and college are salient objectives for public school pupils.

— Marlow Ediger, North Newton