Neurosurgery clinic coming to Newton Medical Center

By Ashley Bergner/Newton Kansan

Abay Neuroscience Center in Wichita is bringing a bi-monthly clinic to Newton Medical Center. Starting April 11, the center will bring a clinic to NMC on the second and fourth Fridays of the month.

Dr. James Weimar is a neurosurgeon performing surgery on the brain and spine. He specializes in minimally invasive procedures and complex spinal surgery.

This is the Abay program’s first time in the Newton area and offers a service not currently available in Newton.

To schedule an appointment at the Newton location, call (877) 685-2525 or 609-2687. Visit for more information.

Bridges Inc. contractor on award-winning project

The Wichita Society of Professional Engineers selected the Ninnescah River Streambank Stabilization project as the winner of their Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award for 2013-2014. Bridges Inc. of Newton was the Prime Contractor on the project.

Lynn Packer of Sedgwick County said, “This was a small project, but it is having a huge beneficial impact. Not only have we eliminated and repaired the erosion, but we are also seeing positive environmental impacts on wildlife. I have always believed that the county works well with our consultants and contractors, and this project exemplifies that belief.

“In my opinion, this project was a true partnership from all sides to make this an award winning project. With their help, we got the permits straightened out and the project designed in less than a year. And Bridges Inc. proved to be the right contractor for the job. They saved us money on the project while constructing a better product in return.”

The project is eligible for the state award presented by the Kansas Society of Professional Engineers to be presented in June.

Bridges Inc. is a Newton based company founded in 1990. They perform bridge and other heavy construction in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Bradbury Group announces addition of Bradbury Group Italy S.r.l.

MOUNDRIDGE — The Bradbury Co. Inc. announced the addition of Bradbury Group Italy S.r.l. The acquisition is consistent with the growth strategy of The Bradbury Group and expands their product offering to include continuous PUR/PIR insulated sandwich panel equipment.

The Bradbury Group employs more than 600 people and is present in 14 countries on five continents. Bradbury Group Italy S.r.l. (BGI), located in Tribano, Italy, will conduct its manufacturing operations from a 214,000 sq. ft. facility which includes sales, engineering, machining, assembly and testing of equipment.

Tony Green has been appointed the managing director of BGI after serving 18 years as the managing director of Bradbury International UK Ltd. BGI will serve a wide range of industries, including metal building, cold storage, HVAC, garage door, entry door and injection molding.

“Bradbury Group Italy will utilize the assets of Industrie Pu.Ma. to continue their tradition as the world leader in insulated panel technology while utilizing our existing group locations to serve a geographically diverse customer base. We are pleased to be involved with the highly trained and very competent staff of Industrie Pu.Ma. who have joined us at BGI,” said David Cox, president and COO of The Bradbury Group.

“Our intentions are to use our exclusive right to Industrie Pu.Ma. engineering to service and support their existing customers and the installed equipment base. Our investment in the sandwich panel arena started with the acquisition of Bradbury Group Australia with the production of solid core sandwich panel EPS and mineral wool laminating equipment and now follows the natural progression to continuous PUR/PIR automated equipment by BGI. Our customers can be confident in the ability of our global sales, engineering and service teams to proactively support their continuous and discontinuous systems."

The companies of The Bradbury Group are leading manufacturers and worldwide suppliers of roll forming and coil processing equipment for a wide range of industries. To see equipment photographs and find additional information about the companies of The Bradbury Group, their individual products, and integrated manufacturing systems, visit

Magnet Applications celebrates 50 years

Magnet Applications, a subsidiary of Bunting Magnetics Co., is celebrating 50 years of providing magnets, magnet assemblies and magnet technology to manufacturers and research laboratories around the world.

Magnet Applications Ltd, a private company, was founded in the United Kingdom in 1964 to distribute Arelec magnetic catches. In 1992, a wholly owned subsidiary, Magnet Applications Inc., was opened to distribute and manufacture products in North America.

In its first 50 years, Magnet Applications has become known for manufacturing magnets and magnet assemblies, supplying machined components and rapid prototypes, and building magnetizing fixtures. Today, the Magnet Applications range of permanent magnet materials includes alnico, ferrite, samarium cobalt, and the many forms of neodymium iron boron magnets. Production processes available include sintering, casting, extrusion, calendaring, compression bonding and injection molding.

Magnet Applications Vice-President of Sales Mike Miller, who has been with the company in the U.S. since its inauguration in 1992, commented: "Through the years, Magnet Applications has pioneered the application of magnet technology to a broad spectrum of industries. For motor and generator manufacturers, we assemble hubs, rotors and back plates, doing final grinding and balancing for various motor designs. We are the premier supplier of bonded magnets to the brushless DC motor market.

“Magnet Applications also provides high temperature samarium cobalt magnet assemblies to the oil and gas industry, as well as a wide variety of magnetic assemblies to the automobile and medical industries. Our engineers are known around the world for their magnet expertise."

For more information about Magnet Applications, visit