The county prosecutor is filing six charges today, with more to come, in the case of Martin Luther King Smith of Newton.

"This is a complicated case, and we needed to file some charges today to continue to hold him," said county attorney David Yoder.

Yoder said he was filing "the most serious" charges, and that the county prosecutor's office was still looking at incident reports to determine more charges.

Yoder is filing three charges of first degree attempted murder, one count of aggravated battery, one count of aggravated burglary and one count of criminal threat in connection with a multiple stabbing Saturday in Newton. All of those charges are felonies.

More charges are pending, and at the time of today's announcement of charges bail was pending.

A domestic disturbance in Newton Saturday led to 44-year-old Martin Luther King Smith of Newton being arrested. Three people were stabbed and a fourth injured as they attempted to flee the scene.

Saturday evening at just after 6 p.m. police were called to 123 S.E. Fifth, where they found three stabbing victims.

"The suspect had been drinking," said Scott Powell of the Newton Police Department. "The female left and went to another residence to get away from him. A few minutes later, the suspect kicked in the door and started stabbing people."

Smith allegedly stabbed three people including one juvenile. A second juvenile cut themselves while trying to escape the house through a broken window.

Powell said none of the injures suffered were life threatening.

Smith then went to the Harvey County Jail to turn himself in, but apparently changed his mind.

"The suspect went to turn himself into the jail, then he chose to fight officers," Powell said. "One officer suffered minor injuries in the scuffle. The officer was treated and released."

Smith was booked into the Harvey County Detention Center on charges of attempted murder, aggravated burglary, felony obstruction, battery of law enforcement officer, aggravated assault, criminal threat, and aggravated endangerment to a child.