Newton Kansan

The political season is at it height in Kansas — not only is the Legislature in session, but there is an election coming as well. Primaries for state legislative seats will be in August, and general elections in November.

One candidate who challenged and incumbent in the last election will not run again — Glenda Reynolds, D-Whitewater. Reynolds, who challenged Marc Rhoades, R-Newton, for the District 72 will not run in the general election again.

"I don't have the energy, and my husband has some health problems," Reynolds told The Kansan. "There is no way he can help, and I had to make decisions."

However, there are still campaign funds remaining from her last run — funds which she is dispersing.

According to a filing with the Kansas Ethics Commission, there is  $1,309.91 remaining in her campaign account — after a $700 gift to Circles of Hope, a non-profit dedicated to eliminating poverty in Newton.

Reynolds said she plans at least one more gift to a non-profit organization — she has already selected the recipient — from those funds.

The remainder will be given to the Democratic parties of Harvey and Butler Counties.

"I wanted to give to the parties who supported me and some of the non-profits who are dear to me and have supported me too."

Once all funds are gone, Reynolds can file a termination report for her campaign — all part of the rules set forth by the campaign finance act.

"There are rules, you can't give money to candidates," Reynolds said. "You can give them to the parties and to 501 C3 organizations. … I am in the process of closing my campaign."