A plethora of states have prekindergarten public school education for pupils. Here, pupils have opportunities to interact with other young children in developing socially. Being able to get along with others in school and in society is a goal which needs continuous attention throughout life. Learners need to learn to share and cooperate in interacting with instructional materials. As adults, individuals might lose jobs at the work place due to poor attitudes toward others. In addition to good human relations, prekindergarten education also emphasizes cognitive and subject matter learnings. These must be on the understanding level of pupils so that they become meaningful to pupils such as in the following, among others: * counting objects and items * doing creative dramatizations * listening to stories and poetry * discussing things of interest * doing experience charts involving beginning/sequential reading * seeing his/her dictated talk, individually and in small groups, written down by the teacher.

With prekindergarten, pupils receive a positive beginning for reading, arithmetic, science, and the social studies in a kindergarten-through grade twelve sequence. Many educators feel and believe this will minimize/eliminate gaps in achievement among diverse majority/minority groups when providing better initial beginnings for the latter. All in society benefit when talents and abilities of each are utilized fully. No one should fall through the cracks.

Marlow Ediger, North Newton