"Harvey Girls" dressed in crisp black and white uniforms served students an old-fashioned meal at Newton Bible Christian School Wednesday, bringing Newton's historical "Harvey House" restaurant back to life.

The event was one of several activities at the school to help students celebrate Kansas Day and learn more about Newton's railroading past.

"Knowing the history of our region, our locality here is important, is helpful," said school principal R.J. Krystowiak. "Really it helps us to make ties in the community."

Kindergarten through eighth grade students participated in the activities, which included learning about Fred Harvey and his "Harvey Houses" along the railroad.

In the early days of the railroad, passengers didn't have places to eat while they were traveling. Harvey wanted to build restaurants at depots so passengers would have a tasty, hot meal at a reasonable price to eat when a train pulled into a station.

The school recreated a Harvey House meal for students, having volunteers from Berean Academy dress in costumes and serve as "Harvey Girl" waitresses.

Other activities during the day included visiting Newton's Amtrak station and the steam train in Military Park.