Newton Kansan

Last chance. This is the final opportunity for community members to volunteer as interviewers as part of the senior exit interview process at Newton High School

"This will be our last year of our exit portfolio," said Roger Erickson. "It is still a requirement for this class."

Earlier this school year the board of education approved a new student handbook, and changed the graduation requirements. No longer will students be required to create a portfolio or be interviewed about the contents prior to graduation.

This spring's exit interviews are scheduled for March 11 in two sessions — 9 to 11 a.m. and noon to 2 p.m. A letter seeking volunteers to serve as interviewers was mailed Monday by school staff. Each interviewer will be assigned five seniors for a twenty minute interview.

"We need interested, caring adults," Ericson said. "If they have a professional background, so much the better. We like community members from a variety of backgrounds. It is fun to meet our students. They are great kids. That is nice for adults."

To volunteer contact Robyn Jaso by phone at 284-6280 ext 2194 or by e-mail at

For the past several years completion of a portfolio and an interview were required of all seniors as a graduation requirement. The portfolio itself consists of a résumé, personal essay, transcript, academic accomplishments (including a reflective essay), honors and activities list, three letters of character reference, twenty hours of community service, an optional personal section and an interview.