HOPE Home Repair is grateful to the women who support the mission of the Women’s Community Fund to offer yearly grants to area agencies.

HOPE is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that serves low income elderly and low income handicapped home owners with home repairs and home modifications for handicap accessibility. HOPE depends on donations to fund these projects.

HOPE will use the WCF grant for home repairs on the home of a low income woman with physical limitations. Other grant funding will do some of her repairs. The Women’s Community Fund grant will replace her gutters and do basement repairs.

When the lady heard the blessed news that her home was chosen for a grant, she said, Hallelujah!

Over the past four months as HOPE developed a repair plan and matched funds to the various parts of it, the Women’s Community Fund was a key component to bring the project to completion. Thank you for helping her to remain in her own home.

HOPE Home Repair is honored to be a grant recipient from the Women's Community Fund. These community minded women serve their community by generously funding charitable causes each year. Thank you to the women for your vision through the Women’s Community Fund.

— HOPE Home Repair Board of Directors