This letter started out as my continuous call to release Troy Carison the consultant from Kansas City, from his contract with the City of Newton, in his attempt to bring business to our Logistics Park at a cost to the city of $126,000.00 per year. After reading two recent business news stories in the Wichita Eagle; Tues. Nov. 19th 2013 "Industrial Park gets funds for rail siding" and Fri. Nov. 22, 2013 "Wichita one of eight cities in new global trade network", I can only shake my head in disbelief as to why Troy Carison has not made any solid contacts with companies to locate in Newton. Newton created the Logistics Park in 2009-2010 spending over $13 million, which included extensive infrastructure improvements including new paved roads, expanded intersections, sewer and water extensions, signing a shipping contract with the Port of Catussa, an agreement with some Kansas City organizations and even offering a rail spur of our own, again all this since 2009. As the Nov. 19 2013 Wichita Eagle article states, "A YEAR after the city of Bel Aire broke ground for the Sunflower Commerce Park". They already have one tenant, signed agreements for three more and soon have rail access for the tenants. The other article, Nov. 22, 2013, tells of Wichita eventually along with nineteen other cities across the U.S. will have a "tremendous opportunity" being involved in a new global trade network. These articles tell me Newton is being passed over by companies wishing to locate in or closer to Wichita. We need to release Troy Carison and use local talent like Stan Brodhagen. who has ties to local market in Wichita and throughout the Nation and Europe, plus our other local Realtors. If you feel the way we do please talk to your city commissioners Glen Davis Newton City Commissioner

Bob Smyth Newton City Commissioner