Headed to the Parade of Lights this evening? Bundle up. Old Man Winter 's breath is sweeping through Kansas and making this cold.

That breath, today in the form of winds of about than 15 miles per hour, makes things even colder than the thermometer reads. It can also lead to dangerous conditions.

For the parade, the temperature is predicted to be 16 degrees, with 11 mph winds. With the windchill, it will feel like about 5 degrees outside. According to the National Weather Service, that can lead to frostbite on uncovered skin in about 30 minutes.

Vanessa Pearce, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Wichita recommends bundling up today — and as long as this cold snap continues.

"You want as much covered as you can, especially if you are out for a longer period of time," Pearce said.

It will only get worse. Pearce said the windchill for Friday morning is predicted to be right around 0 degrees.

"That will be when parents are sending kids off the school," Pearce said. "It will be the same for Saturday. In the morning you are looking at apparent temps of minus 5 degrees. Anything in the negative is a dangerous situation. When you get wind chills of 0, it can create problems. It depends on how long people are outside."

According to the Mayo Clinic,

when exposed to very cold temperatures, skin and underlying tissues may freeze, resulting in frostbite. The areas most likely to be affected by frostbite are hands, feet, nose and ears. If skin looks white or grayish-yellow, is very cold and has a hard or waxy feel, there may be frostbite. Skin may also itch, burn or feel numb. Severe or deep frostbite can cause blistering and hardening. As the area thaws, flesh becomes red and painful

"Make sure you dress warmly and put gloves on. You need to be covered up if you plan to be outside," Pearce said. "I know hunting is this weekend — make sure you are wearing appropriate clotting. Go out in bursts, here and there, rather than stay out for long periods."