It is here, officially. The Holiday Season — or as some in the news business call it "The Crazy Season" — is upon us.

Today is Black Friday, which over the course of the past few years has become a tradition in this nation. People get up very early, go to a big box retailer and take advantage of deep discounts.

The past two years, that has bled over to Thanksgiving Day. Some retailers opened up as normal in hopes of getting a few more hours of Black Friday.

Thanksgiving, an amazing holiday, is becoming an afterthought.

One of the purest holidays (it has not been commercialized to the extent of Christmas, or Halloween for that matter) which is a remembrance of our forefathers, is getting the shaft.

If you went to a store on Thanksgiving — for any reason — you are part of the problem. If you went to start Christmas shopping and, like a lemming, went to search for a big discount on some plastic crap — you are the problem.

You are the reason stores open. If the loss of Thanksgiving — a day for family and giving thanks for this year's bounty — troubles you, please look in the mirror.

Tell yourself next year you will do two things:

1. Not shop on Thanksgiving. It can wait. Seriously.

2. Put your effort into Small Business Saturday. Support a downtown business or a corner boutique. That does more for our local economy, and helps your neighbor's Thanksgiving.

We're not Anti-Black Friday. We are very much not wanting to lose Thanksgiving as a result. And we are very much pro small (read local) business.

— Kansan Editorial Board