Newton Kansan

A bomb threat called in to Dollar General Thursday morning was determined by authorities to be a hoax.

At about 9:40 a.m. a call came into the store, saying a bomb would go off in 10 minutes. Newton police, fire fighters and the Harvey County Sheriff's dept. arrived at the scene and evacuated the store.

"Nothing happened that brought danger to workers," Lt. Scott Powell with the Newton Police Department said.

The bomb threat came from an "unknown number," but police would be working with AT&T to determine where the call originated, Scott said.

Officers interviewed the store manager, who said nobody had been fired recently. There were no disgruntled employees and she had no idea who who may have made the call.

There had been no suspicious behavior from employees or the handful of shoppers who had been in the store that morning, Scott said.

"All we know is it's a male," Powell said.

Later that afternoon, police reported that there were no breakthroughs in the investigation.