Ottawa at Friends

Both teams are 6-1 in the conference and 7-2 overall. Ottawa downed Kansas Wesleyan 55-27 last week, while Friends downed Bethel 47-10. Ottawa moved up two spots in the NAIA poll to ninth. The Braves would likely (but not automatically) get a playoff berth with wins in the final two weeks. Friends moved up one spot to 16th, keeping the Falcons on the bubble for a playoff spot.

For Ottawa, Michael Behr has 1,687 yards passing and 562 yards rushing. Luke Lundy has 1,147 yards rushing. Jon Hilliger has 641 yards receiving.

For Friends, Thomas Hankerson has 1,184 yards rushing. Aaron Hansen has 1,109 yards passing, but hasn't played since week six. Sophomore Derek Racette took snaps the last three weeks, after starting the season as a defensive back. Racette was the quarterback for the team last year. Chris Allen has 727 yards receiving.

Southwestern at Sterling

Sterling downed McPherson 56-37 last week, while Southwestern downed Saint Mary 32-29. Sterling is on a six-game winning streak and tied with Friends and Ottawa at the top of the conference standings. The Warriors moved up one spot on the NAIA poll to 18th, the fourth KCAC team in the top 20, but the team is still on the playoff bubble with two weeks remaining. Southwestern has won three of its last four games. While the Moundbuilders are likely out of the playoff hunt, a pair of wins could put the team in the final NAIA rankings.

For Sterling, Reggie Langford has 1,136 yards passing and 960 yards rushing, giving him a bid for a double-double 1,000-yard season. Dentton Hudspeth has 518 yards receiving. For Southwestern, Brady May has 1,568 yards passing. Spencer Pullen has 779 yards rushing. Halstead grad Tanner Strohl returned to the lineup after an injury and now has 388 yards rushing. Joe Vargas has 492 yards receiving, followed by Ceth Bannister with 486.

McPherson at Bethany

Both teams are well out of the conference chase, but this game is for the pride of McPherson County. Bethany upended then seventh-ranked Tabor 24-17. McPherson lost to then 19th-ranked Sterling 56-37, the fifth straight loss for the Bulldogs.

For Bethany, Tevis Linnebur has 596 yards rushing, followed by Jafar Thomas with 470. Zach Dovenberger has 1,019 yards passing. Rodney Molette has 370 yards receiving. For McPherson, Jordan Hoffman has 1,940 yards passing. Havelock Pomele has 290 yards rushing. Tremon Robinson has 613 yards receiving.

Saint Mary at Kansas Wesleyan

While both teams are out of the conference race, this game is an offense lover's dream and a defensive coordinator's worst nightmare. Saint Mary can clinch a winning season with a pair of wins in its final two games. The best KWU can do is 5-6.

Saint Mary quarterback Josh Ervin has 2,210 yards passing, ranked 11th in the NAIA in passing yards. Jerrell Young has 793 yards receiving. Torion Amos has 214 yards rushing. For KWU, Trey Dallas has 2,442 yards passing, first in the conference and eighth in the NAIA. Taylor Sachs has 1,232 yards rushing, second in the conference and fourth in the NAIA. Zach McClain has 924 yards receiving, first in the conference and sixth in the NAIA.


Kansas Collegiate

Athletic Conference

Conf. Overall


Friends 6 1 7 2

Ottawa 6 1 7 2

Sterling 6 1 7 2

Tabor 5 2 7 2

S-western 4 3 5 4

Saint Mary 3 4 4 5

K.Wesl. 2 5 3 6

McPherson 2 5 3 6

Bethany 1 6 2 7

Bethel 0 7 1 8