Newton Kansan

This week the county treasurer's office is neck deep in taxes.

Not only is Becky Fields' office sending out tax statements, but they are preparing to clean up some unpaid taxes as well.

At this time 63 properties are set to be placed on the auction block at 9 a.m. Friday morning in the courthouse community room, sold by the Sheriff. Properties which owe two to three years of taxes to the county.

Owners have until about 4 p.m. Thursday to pay back taxes, with interest, and prevent the sale of the property.

"There are a total of eight residences," Fields said. "There are quite a few parcels, and many of them are just empty lots."

The bulk of the properties are empty lots — with some owing special assessment taxes of $6,000 — one is $17,000 in arrears.

The total taxes owed on the 63 properties was $683,938.65 as of Sept. 13.

"There is more interest now, but we probably will not collect those," Fields said.

Sales of the property Friday are final. Those with a financial stake in the property, or family members of the current owners, are not allowed to bid. Cash or cashiers check is the required form of payment.

Some properties will sell with a reserve, others will not.

"There are some properties that will start at the taxes owed, some will start at $1 and some will start with the specials owed," Fields said.