For the last three years, Harvey County United Way has partnered with Circles of Hope in the ongoing work of addressing poverty in our region. We are grateful for this source of support for a unique initiative that offers a hand up rather than a handout. Circles of Hope fosters cross-class relationships and networking that inspire people to undertake positive change at both the individual and community levels.

In a time when poverty is an escalating concern in Harvey County (over half of all school-age children come from families in economic distress), Circles of Hope partners with individuals and groups to offer a place to be actively engaged in addressing an overwhelming issue.

We are so appreciative of the role Harvey County United Way and their annual fundraising campaign play in supporting Circles of Hope, not only by soliciting funding, but by helping educate our Harvey County neighbors about this initiative that is making a difference one family at a time.

Thank you!

— Myrna Krehbiel, Executive Director of Peace Connections