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Staying alive
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By Brandon Case
Brandon Case has spent the majority of his life living near the 99th Meridian, an imaginary line used for mapping purposes that circles the earth and runs through the North and South Poles.
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By Brandon Case
Oct. 16, 2013 8:31 p.m.

Sometimes staying alive is a matter of timing. At least that was my experience this past week while cycling in the Pratt area. If I had arrived anywhere from a few to 30 or so seconds earlier at a specific location, I might be writing this blog from a hospital bed instead—or not writing it at all.
On Monday, I watched as a young woman in a dark blue vehicle plowed through the intersection at Second and Rochester a few seconds before I arrived on my bike. I hollered at her, “Watch where you’re going,” and then pulled over to call the Pratt PD after I committed her license plate number to short-term memory. Who knows what happened after that. I never heard back from anyone, although I provided my name and telephone number and said I wanted to file a report on reckless driving.
Twice today, Wednesday, I missed an opportunity to meet my maker, thankfully. Pulling into work this morning at the strip mall east of the Servateria, I watched as a man in a pickup truck, oblivious to my presence, pulled out where I normally turn. I took the next entrance, waving vigorously so the driver recognized that he had nearly creamed a man on a bicycle.
The third instance was truly a matter of good timing. As I was headed north on 281 on my recumbent, I watched as a four-wheeler in the back of a pickup truck that had passed me less than a minute earlier suddenly flew out the back and took off out into the middle of a field, driverless. Obviously, someone was in too big of a hurry to tie down their four-wheeler.
I guess that I really should be grateful that I’m still alive this week, which I am. It must not be my time to go. Thus far, my timing has been good enough to keep staying alive.

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