Due to the Colorado flooding, I drove my guest who is from Glasgow, Scotland, to Newton rather than Colorado to meet Amtrak on Wednesday, Sept. 18.

When we arrived in Newton, we were confused about the Amtrak schedule and a pending ticket office closure. Fortunately for us, the Visitor's Center was open. The staff offered the use of a phone to my guest and directed me to the Etcetera Shop for shopping.

My international guest and I had lunch at Prairie Harvest, where we were able to find delicious vegan fare. We perched on the counter window seats and people watched. We noticed the Kathy Mattea concert on the marquis. We shopped at the Etcetera Shop, where I bought two big boxes of used books, which the volunteer cheerfully packed. We parted at the Newton Public Library where my guest could use the computers.

I am so grateful to Newton for its Visitor's Center and the welcoming merchants on Main St. Your hospitality made a tremendous impression on me.

It was a 500 year flood in Colorado that brought us to you. As I drove north to Red Cloud, Neb., I thought of welcoming and beautiful Newton, Kan. There are so many reasons to return.

— Barbara J. Wiselogel, Red Cloud, Neb.