Sometimes doing a good deed pays off.

Recently, when a couple of guys were stranded on I-135 with a flat tire on a 102 degree day, a deputy from the Harvey County Sheriff's Dept. stopped and changed the tire for them. It just so happened that the gentlemen with the flat, Brandon Unrein and Troy Hill, were area managers with the Autozone company.

The sheriff's dept. now has 13 new floor jacks and three bottle jacks -- a donation from Autozone.

"I thought for sure they had them, but they didn't," said Jodie Hill, manager of the Newton Autozone and Troy Hill's wife.

Dept. Stan Kurtz changed the flat, using a floor jack he had purchased out of his own pocket from Autozone. The department's patrol vehicles only come equipped with the scissor jacks that come with the car.

"Our thanks so many times over," Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton said. "These are things we needed, but didn't budget for. They saw the need and they responded."

Jodie Hill said it would have been hard for the deputies, using their "old inferior jacks, especially during the winter with icy roads and so many people getting flats." She speculated on what it would have been like that hot day for a mother alone with a child.

Walton said the jacks will save the deputies "a lot of time and a lot of back ache. The bottom line is it comes back and helps the citizens of the county."

Deputies do not have to help stranded motorists, but Walton said his deputies go above and beyond to be of help. This time it paid off in spades.

So see, some good deeds do go unpunished.