OLATHE — The Newton High School gymnastics team hit triple figures for the first time this season, winning a three-team meet Tuesday in Olathe.

Newton scored a 101.25, followed by Olathe South at 97.35 and Emporia at 76.0.

In the floor exercises, Alexandra Glann took fourth at 8.4, followed by Carlye Anderson at 8.3, Kailey Naysmith at 8.15, Anna Casper at 8.0 and Johanne Gustavsen at 7.5. In junior varsity competition, Naomi Epp took second at 7.25, followed by Emmaleah Smet at 6.8.

On the vault, Naysmith was second at 8.9, followed by Anderson in third at 8.7, Casper at 8.6, Smet with a personal best 8.3 and Epp at 7.9.

On the uneven parallel bars, Naysmith took second at 8.3, followed by Anderson in third at 8.2, Casper at 8.0, Epp at 7.2 and Smet at 6.7.

On the balance beam, Naysmith scored a 9.0, followed by Anderson at 8.6, Casper at 8.1 (all no-fall), Epp at 7.2 and Glann at 6.55. In JV competition, Smet took second at 5.75, followed by Gustaven in third at 5.35.

Naysmith took second in all-around competition at 34.35, a season-high score. Anderson was third at 33.8. Casper scored a 32.7.

Newton hosts the Newton Invitational at 11 a.m. Saturday with Emporia, Lawrence, Lawrence Free State, Olathe North and Olathe South.